Chemical industry? There’s an app for that…

Chemical industry apps

Chemical industry? There’s an app for that…

Any general search in the App Store or Google Play Store can return millions of results. Apps drive our day-to-day routines, constantly giving us quicker solutions to faster accomplish the chores of life (and the fun stuff too). Apps identify needs and solve problems. It is their core function and their sole purpose for being. So, what took so long for the chemical industry to jump on board?

Digital marketers, including myself, are well aware the B2B world, especially the chemical industry, is generally slower to adopt new trends in marketing and advertising. Chemical companies were slow to build websites, slow to adopt social media and even slower to move into apps. It’s understandable. The stakes are different here. If we take apps back to their core, problem solving machines, we can easily identify needs for apps in the chemical industry. By nature, apps can help streamline processes and alleviate headaches. We can help chemical companies see the benefits far outweigh the stakes in the app world.

For example, a chemical company often identifies very small factors that differentiate its products and services from its competitors. These small factors tend to make a big difference, but getting them noticed can be a challenge.

We’ve identified the need: an app demonstrating your company’s small differences in a big way to surpass the competition. From this time on, the process of developing the app becomes much easier. Next, put the comparisons in the hands of your market, and help them discover the differences. The app’s user interface can graphically handle data in various ways: a side-by-side comparison of products/services, case studies with actual data, a calculator visually representing the data. Now that I’ve taken you through the first phase of app development or discovery, you are well on your way!

See chemical industry players, there IS an app for that!

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