An open letter to tradeshow marketers everywhere

An open letter to tradeshow marketers everywhere

An open letter to:

  • All those individuals who spend countless hours preparing, building and sweating over every aspect of their company’s tradeshow booths multiple times a year
  • Sales people who are on the road, across the country, maybe even the world, running out of print materials like its their job

We have your back! It’s the finishing touch, a solution for unmanned booths and the ideal way to travel to sales meetings. It’s called Pizzazz, an app we developed to show off your company’s media (including literature, video, photos and presentations), gather business contacts and share media via email.

The simple plug-and-play nature of the app makes it easy for anyone to access and customize to their needs. It collects contact information, emails literature and serves as the always-missing pen on the tradeshow floor.

Coming soon to an iPad near you, Pizzazz allows you to customize the app layout to match your company’s brand guidelines. You can even choose from various templates and colors to differentiate yourself from the herd.

We’re in the testing phase now, so get ready. This app is the finishing touch you need for your next tradeshow booth or sales meeting.

To follow the progress of Pizzazz app, visit

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