Mobile technology benefits the construction industry

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Mobile technology benefits the construction industry

The shift to a mobile-first ecosystem in the construction industry started a few years ago. However, some industries, especially in the B2B world, have been slow to adopt this kind of technology. While most of the world is moving forward, these industries are still using fairly dated procedures and programs to run their businesses. What needs to happen for some of the early adopters of mobile technology to propel their businesses forward? The upside and ROI could be exponential with the right application and team of developers.

In the past few years, the construction industry has moved toward mobile-first technology, but the expertise and planning that goes into a consolidated IT system can be overwhelming and expensive. Construction companies can consult with third-party experts to help identify their major pain points and develop a strategy for implementation. Also, the actual build of the mobile app can help reduce unexpected costs from errors and ensure the that they are receiving a quality product. We have identified some of the major benefits mobile tech could have on the construction industry.

Fewer errors in the field

It’s inevitable that with every project, there will be unexpected setbacks. What if companies could reduce those errors, while helping the project timeline stay on track and preventing the allocation of valuable dollars spent re-doing work? In a survey conducted by On Center Software, 65% of construction professionals said that the number one process to accrue money is repeated work due to errors. That is madness! In any business, efficiency is critical to the completion of projects and maximizing profits. This leads me to the next item on the list of benefits…

Streamlining project management

Project managers have to wear multiple hats at once: field manager, project analyst, financial manager, decision maker. It can be stressful. When communication is crucial to the completion of complex projects, there needs to be a highly organized and intuitive system conveying different messages all at the same time.

Mobile technology can help generate top-level reports for C-suite level executives. Field managers can see real-time data and analytics that help with forecasting and staying within the project scope. Daily field reports can be generated and sent to those who need the information at the exact moment they need it. Approvals for new processes, budgets, etc. can be made at the click of a button rather than through meetings or phone calls than can be easily missed on the job. The most important benefit that we found was reduced delay and downtime due to equipment repairs and/or ensuring new equipment gets to the proper site. Knowing what equipment is being used and where it is being used allows for quicker, more strict management and decision making abilities when time is your most valuable resource.

See the bigger picture, see bigger profits

Again, we get it. Investing in mobile technology for your business is a big decision. Hopefully, you’ve been able to see the bigger picture, along with the benefits that can be reaped from implementing a mobile-first strategy to optimize business processes. Here at Workhorse Development, we pride ourselves in extensive knowledge of B2B industries. With many years of experience serving B2B clients, we have perfected our processes and continue to learn new techniques that we implement in our strategies.

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