4 reasons why B2B calculator apps could land your next big customer

B2B calculator apps

4 reasons why B2B calculator apps could land your next big customer

While we all enjoy apps that keep us connected to one another and apps that help us practice mindfulness and apps that help us edit pictures and apps that help us post pictures, and, and, and… Yet, these apps are all personal. They may lend to success in our jobs. We may even use them in our jobs (my marketing mind is thinking of all the ways). People aren’t all that enthused by content, social media and an “online presence” anymore. No doubt, these items are necessary to a successful B2B business, but they’re not what will land you the next big customer or client. Apps might.

B2B calculator apps that demonstrate your +1 (what differentiates your company’s products and services) could help you land your next big client. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Transparency – Publishing your B2B company’s data proves the value of the company’s products and services up front. It creates an entry to trust with a prospective customer up front. Trust is the single most complicated accomplishment in customer acquisition. Sharing data up front and giving a potential customer the option to explore your data on their own is the olive branch.
  2. Customization as a means of personalization – For many of the B2B companies we work with, complex data and calculations determine a specific formulation constructed only for the customer. The ability to customize and adjust via a calculator gives a potential customer an opportunity to personalize their experience before they even get to your sales team.
  3. Quick and easy approvals – We all know that B2B companies especially have many rounds and approvals before a sale can go through. Building a tool to make jobs easier for engineers and scientists at a company gets you past the first round of decision makers in a company. It’s a quick and easy way to get your company talked about, even when you’re not in the room.
  4. Feedback and data – You can actually collect useful data your company’s engineers and scientists can use. Data like app flow and links opened are pretty general and will help you improve the app’s user experience. Data, such as what numbers app users are crunching and the most visited products, help determine holes and needs your products can help fix.

Many B2B companies shy away from developing calculator apps and publishing them in the app stores, but those who do have realized a notable ROI. B2B companies are generally risk-adverse. Every decision regarding their +1, or secret sauce, can cause huge changes. When developing a calculator app, there are ways to protect your security, give potential and current customers a customized experience and keep you in their hands (and minds) more often.

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