Does your app really need a landing page?

Why app needing landing pages

Does your app really need a landing page?

Ridiculous question, maybe. Of course your app needs a landing page! But sometimes it feels like a hassle to create an app landing page or website. You spend all this time preparing and testing your app that sometimes app marketing and promotion is merely an afterthought. In fact, an app landing page is your app’s biggest promotional asset. Here are six reasons why your app needs a landing page:

Stand out from your competition

With an overwhelming number of apps available – 2.9 million apps in Google Play and 2.2 million iOS apps on Apple’s App Store – your app is likely to get lost in the app store noise. With an app landing page, you can stand out from your competition. Create a robust landing page that demonstrates the value your app brings.

Create a hub of information about your app

An app landing page is the perfect place to tell your app’s story. First, start small. Share basic information about your app and slowly share updates as you make headway in the development process. Keep your audience coming back for more with various prominent calls to action. When you’re ready to launch, you’ll have a collection of great content: screenshots of app screens, demo or promo videos, social media links, app updates, announcements and, most importantly, links to download your app from the app stores.

Build up your app followers before launch

With keyword research and search engine optimization, your app landing page will attract organic app followers. Leverage other app marketing efforts. Promote your app on social media, and share a link to your landing page. All these marketing tools need an app landing page.

Collect emails for potentials users or beta testers

With all the traffic sent to your optimized landing page, you should have a way for potential users or beta testers to sign up and receive updates. Link your email list to your favorite email marketing automation software and watch the emails gather.

Establish a cohesive app brand

With a basic app landing page, you can establish a cohesive app brand identity. Make sure you can secure a domain name that matches your app name. Show off your app’s brand – typography, color palettes, iconography and logo.

Gather data from visitors

An app landing page allows you to understand how visitors use your page. Using Google Analytics, you can uncover the source of traffic, geographic location, referral websites, actions made and more. Paired with marketing automation software, you’ll learn even more. Plus, you can regularly share email updates with potential app users.

Without a basic landing page, we’ve watched many apps struggle. Users have trouble finding the app, especially in a crowded app store. Creating a landing page for your app encourages users to download it and share with others.

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