Four critical steps to ensure app success

4 steps to app success

Four critical steps to ensure app success

We see it all the time — people with great ideas for building an app. How can you tell what apps will have success in the app stores? What apps can you build and use – not discard after one or two launches? Based on our app development experience, we’ve discovered four keys to app success.

  • A great idea — Everyone who comes to us thinks they have a great idea. What makes it a viable, great idea is the point of differentiation from other apps in the marketplace. Look in the app stores when you have an idea, and see if someone else has the same idea. If not, publish your build first. If they have, look for the functionality to differentiate your app from the existing ones.
  • Development — Unless you are a developer, you need someone to write the code for your app. Digging into this, you will find many choices for app development. We caution you to make sure you will own all your raw code. Be sure you have an agreement stating the app idea, development and code will remain your property. Using offshore development resources is generally a less costly investment, but often we see clients get less than functional apps or have their app idea stolen. That said, even we use offshore talent, because the cost difference is too great to ignore. We work on developing our relationships and the trust needed to guarantee confidentiality. Our in-house development team combs the code for errors, bugs and tags to ensure you receive a high quality product.
  • Funding — The scariest part about app development is the cost. Most of the apps we build range from $30,000 to $100,000 depending on their functionality. Why does it cost so much? Two reasons. One, the strategy behind user experience takes a lot of time and input to perfect and translate into a working user interface. Two, good programming talent is hard to find. When you do find it, it is expensive. That trend will change over the next few years, but for now, it is important to find funding for your idea. From SBA loans to angel investors, our clients are savvy about securing financing. With a solid business plan for your app, we work with you to get it on the market so you can see a return on your investment quickly.
  • Solid marketing — There are two groups of apps we develop. Those to help a business operate more efficiently and those marketed to others. No matter what you are creating, we help you look for ways to market your app to its users so your efforts are successful. If you are building an app for the app stores, remember you are competing against millions of apps. You can’t build it, and assume they will come. You have to remember to tell them to come.

Wishing you happy app ideating! We are here when you’re ready to turn your app idea into an app success story.

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