What does Apple’s latest keynote mean for your apps?

Apple keynote takeaways

What does Apple’s latest keynote mean for your apps?

Apple held its much-anticipated keynote event earlier today. Many announcements were around product releases and upgrades. I’m going to give you the TL;DR of it all, specifically related to what you need to know to update and maintain a good user experience for your apps.

First and foremost, and not specifically announced today, is the release of iOS 11. We’ve been testing the beta versions in-house since WWDC, and we’re excited for Apple to share iOS 11 with the rest of the world.

What you need to know: We recommend updating your apps to function with this latest OS version. We’ve anticipated this release with most of our client’s apps, so, clients, don’t worry. You are set with this update!

On to the iPhone 8 (and, spoiler alert, iPhone X) release. Orders begin in late September (iPhone 8) and October (iPhone X) for this device. You better believe we’ll be trying to get our hands on at least one for testing purposes, of course.

What you need to know: I predict iPhone 10 will have a slow adoption rate due to a supply/demand issue along with the higher cost ($999 for the least expensive version + $159 for the wireless charging base station). We will begin testing on iPhone 8 when the UPS truck arrives on September 22nd and again when it arrives with the iPhone X in November. Therefore, our recommendation will be a slow app update for consistencies in iPhone X and immediate update for iPhone 8.

Finally, the fun part: what can you look forward to with all these updates? The sky is the limit, but I’m picturing one of our clients using that new augmented reality functionality as an interactive feature at an upcoming tradeshow. Any takers?

To conclude, we’ve got a few items to keep an eye on in terms of updated functionality and usability, but no big surprises or earth-shattering news shared at this Apple keynote event. Need help understanding any of this? Give us a call!

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  • DannyM@ccleaner

    February 28, 2018 at 2:57 am Reply

    Bought my iPad 2 this weekend and got keynote right away. Love it.

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