A hard-working mobile app development company

Workhorse Development was founded in 2013 as the result of a love of Apple, mobile and all things technology. Established as a sister company to globalHMA, a central Pennsylvania-based B2B advertising agency, Workhorse Development was created with the mission of providing custom solutions and hard-working apps for hard-working industries. Workhorse Development has grown into a thriving small business over its first few years, helping to develop unique technical solutions for industries such as agriculture, chemicals, plastics, building and construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare, HVACR, water and more. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on the newest technologies and devices and the necessary problem solving that comes with early adoption.

Drew - Partner



Drew is Workhorse’s visionary leader, discussing potential new apps with clients, constantly improving the development process and dreaming up the next big thing.

Amanda - Partner



Amanda is Workhorse’s pragmatic leader,  building relationships with clients and tackling challenges to provide the best solution for clients.

Jamie - Technical Account Director


Technical Account Director

Jamie works with customers, managing app projects, building client relationships, and analyzing their technology needs.

Katie - Devops Director


DevOps Director

Katie serves as the bridge among designers, developers, quality assurance (QA) and operations, facilitating collaboration to produce efficient apps quickly and reliably.

Sabrina - Technical Content Strategist


Technical Content Strategist

Sabrina is our master of app content, accomplishing storytelling, implementing brand voice, coordinating content management systems (CMS) and analyzing user engagement.

Colleen - Deployment Director


Deployment Director

Colleen facilitates the delivery of apps developed into release by coordinating versioning management, managing code projects and overseeing marketing plans.

Jason - UI Designer


UI Designer

Jason works closely with our UX designer, creating visually compelling user interfaces, graphics, branding, wireframes and interactive designs.

Erin - UX Designer


UX Designer

Erin leads all aspects of user-centered design, executing design mockups, designing specs and analyzing user behavior to build a consistent user experience.

Rita - Finance Manager


Finance Manager

Rita manages general accounting and operations for Workhorse, offering strategic and analytical-driven leadership.

Rebecca - Developer



Rebecca designs and develops interactive apps, creating prototypes, writing code, helping with debugging and managing user data.



Interaction Designer

Andrew focuses on the interaction between users and the product. Specifically, he addresses key interactions of our projects and builds prototypes to test concepts.

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