How we do what we do

Our mobile app development process

Defining functionality, user interface, beta testing, release and more; our process helps guide you from your idea’s infancy to final release and measurement.


Apps are tools of engagement—connecting your business both internally and externally with prospects, clients, customers, current employees and prospective employees. Who is your audience? What’s important to them? What is your app’s true goal? Our discovery process helps identify your target audience to maximize user engagement and determine app functionality as well as key features.


User Interface (UI) design is a critical component for both user experience and brand communication. We will design an interface that can be integrated into your existing system, while conveying your brand values. The design phase includes the creation of an app wireframe through the design of a final polished interface.


App development is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Within a framework of functionality and structure, we define your needs and expectations. We’ll look at the whole picture — client needs, platform standards, user experience/expectations and technical challenges, and then work to keep the balance for you, providing support in each stage of the process. We’ll also follow up with maintenance recommendations for continued support.


Reach your audience through every avenue possible. Whether your app is available on the App Store and Google Play, or for enterprise use only, we have the knowledge to support your app distribution. Prior to app release, we can provide marketing recommendations to help you maximize your reach. With the help of our sister company, globalHMA, we provide customized marketing solutions and campaigns that support your app’s launch.


As you grow, your needs may too. We can support you in periodic app maintenance and updates. We define methods for updating content to keep your users engaged and coming back to the app for your value-added knowledge.


We track your progress with app download stats and usage analytics to determine your audience, the volume of your downloads,and your true ROI. This data often supports app updates and helps you better understand the needs of your target audience.

Getting the app designed, built and distributed is the job of Workhorse Development, but you may find it useful to create an advertising campaign to promote your app. Our sister company, globalHMA can help!

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