Frequently asked questions about app development

What does it cost to develop an app?

App development costs fluctuate greatly depending on the scope of the project. Single-platform native apps with very basic features might only cost several thousand dollars, while apps with complex functionality running on multiple platforms and multiple device layouts can range anywhere from $50k to $75k. We work with you to maximize your budget and narrow the scope of your project to build and enhance critical functionality.

Once you build your app, you may find that you need help promoting it too. Our sister company, globalHMA can help!

How long does it take to build an app?

Just like cost, timelines depend on the scope of the project. The most basic projects take several weeks from concept to release, while the most complex projects can take 4-8 months to complete. We make sure that you have a full production schedule throughout the development process and are always aware of time-sensitive considerations, such as app review, beta testing and more.

Why should I build an app?

It’s simple. To fulfill a need. The best apps provide maximum value to the user with the best possible solution to an existing need, or a solution to a need the user didn’t yet know they had.

Are there hidden costs?

No. Outside of any external and overhead costs (developer account costs, IT costs), which are disclosed during the initial phases of the project, all of our costs are estimated at the outset. These costs never change unless the scope of the project changes.

Native apps vs. HTML5 apps

There are two types of mobile apps that are the most commonly developed.

  1. Native apps are developed separately for each mobile operating system and allow developers to take full advantage of software and hardware features, custom user interfaces and SDKs (software developer kits).
  2. HTML5 apps are websites or web applications developed in HTML5 and converted to a mobile app. The main benefit to HTML5 apps are lower cost and shorter development time, however, they typically lack the ability to provide the user with robust features, completely custom interfaces and at times can run slow or buggy on various devices.

While we typically recommend developing native applications, HTML5 apps can provide value under certain circumstances.

How do I promote my app?

Workhorse Development handles the app design, build and testing. Then, we bring in our sister company, globalHMA to promote your app. Of course, these costs are separate, but we work within even the tiniest of budgets to help you meet your goals.

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