Mobile device management (MDM)

You’re in a hardworking industry. Leave the hardworking technology to us. Mobile device management, or fleet management is one of our specialties. We update, maintain and distribute fleets of tablet devices to our clients. We can remotely push updates, apps and security protocols to protect all of your company’s private data.



Easily put your digital tools directly in the hands of your sales team, distributors, customers and more!


Grab and go! With our remote maintenance process, tablets are quite literally right at your fingertips.


No WiFi connection capabilities? While this is the preferred method of connectivity, we have devices set up to data plans as well, for those hard-to-connect locations.

Features and functionality


Never lose a device! Our fleet management system allows us to locate devices anywhere in the world.


Need a new app pushed to a specific device? Want to block an app from being downloaded? Have a native app that needs to be installed on all devices? We can handle all of that from our office.


Whether your IT has a more relaxed protocol or one that’s more strict, we can set up your fleet based on your company’s IT specifications.

Hardware and device repair – We maintain our fleets to the highest standards with quick turn around for cracked screens or hardware malfunctions. We’ll get you a replacement device, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Interested in setting up a fleet for your team?

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